“E-Taxes portal” is a collection of electronic services of the Republic of Serbia Tax Administration, which enables all taxpayers to submit online tax application forms with digital signatures, follow up on the status of sent applications and have insight into the tax card of a taxpayer, with the purpose of faster and simpler fulfillment of obligations towards Tax Administration. This system meets high security standards which enable safe and uncompromised electronic data transfer.

Browse a video instruction on how to submit tax application online.

You can access electronic services of Tax Administration at any time by opening Internet address of “e-Taxes” portal in any of the popular Internet browsers / Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc.

You can also access “e-Taxes” portal by clicking on the banner below.


Electronic services on “e-Taxes” portal are available every day, from 5 a.m. current day until 1 a.m. the following day. In case of any changes occurring in the working regime, you will be notified in due time.

Tax Administration has provided all users with a TEST ENVIRONMENT, intended for testing and checking the accuracy of online tax applications. Applications submitted via TEST ENVIRONMENT do not create a tax obligation, but serve solely for checking the accuracy of applications (calculations, XML files etc.) and testing purposes.


E-Taxes Access Instructions

Why “e-Taxes”?

Following on the IT standards and development
Promotion of business process by using information and communication technologies
Easier, simpler and faster fulfillment of obligations towards Tax Administration
Improved update of taxpayers regarding their rights and obligations

“E-Taxes” portal enables taxpayers to fill in, sign and send tax application forms to Tax Administration. Furthermore, taxpayers can adjust their accounting software so as to automatically generate files in an appropriate format (XSD schemes and XML samples available in Instructions and forms), sign them digitally and forward to Tax Administration through “e-Taxes” portal.

“E-taxes” portal facilitates access to tax cards of taxpayers and to the integrated register of taxpayers and enables reviewing already submitted tax applications forwarded online. It also provides taxpayers with the give/revoke authorization service for e-business.

All activities which the taxpayer undertakes via “e-Taxes” portal are free of charge.